Pro Performance, the home of  – strategic leadership that delivers tangible commercial and social benefits.

Our ethos of  has developed from our belief that we all have a responsibility to ‘pay it forward’ to proactively create a better society. We believe that everyone should contribute to their capacity. We believe businesses also have a responsibility to help improve society in addition to contributing to the economy. This is our aspiration and we also aim to influence our clients to adopt this philosophy.

We created the word to capture this intent and to guide our daily actions.

Crafted to inspire – track purposeful intentions and actions with our Journals.


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who we are

We are experienced strategic leadership advisors who bring pragmatism, expert knowledge and unique international and cultural insights to drive organisational performance.

Founded by leadership expert Liz Crawford, Pro Performance was created to fill the gap in the market for pragmatic leadership strategies that deliver tangible commercial and social impacts.

With our extensive experience in business strategy and leadership in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors, Pro Performance is built on curiosity, drawing on deep knowledge and a genuine passion for driving tangible performance.

We operate in Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.

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“We pride ourselves on pragmatism and knowing how to work within business parameters in a more meaningful way to make a greater commercial and social impact.”



We empower leaders by clarifying strategy, mindset, culture and governance, to unlock their potential and drive positive change for commercial and social benefit.

Guided by our ethos of ,  we strive to have a positive and enduring ripple effect on our clients that far outlives our engagement with them.

Based on our rich experience, our leadership strategies provide the platform for our clients’ businesses to thrive, grow and perform.

We work with like-minded boards and executives from companies across a range of industries, including for-purpose, financial services, professional services, aged care, resources, infrastructure, technology, health, education, the arts, and many others.

WHY we do it

We believe the time is right for leadership to deliver beyond the bottom line.

Driven by our ethos of , we empower our clients to adopt new ways of thinking to generate both tangible business performance and meaningful societal impact.

When empowered by clear strategy, the right mindset, culture and operating environment, we believe all leaders have the potential to drive positive change — for economic and community benefit.




Strategy development and facilitation

High impact board review programs

Board and CEO appointments

Leadership performance

Executive mentoring

The whole experience has been totally positive and beneficial for our organisation as a whole as well as our Board.”

– Chair of not-for-profit organisation, Australia, on completion of our High Impact Board Program, 2023


Our team combines rich experience and deep knowledge of business strategy and leadership in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

Liz Crawford

Managing Director

Liz Crawford has more than 20 years’ experience delivering impactful business outcomes through strategic leadership across both private and public sector clients.

In KPMG, other privately owned firms as well as her own, she has led businesses in strategy implementation and delivering profitability. She has mentored, managed and developed leaders and teams since her early twenties.

Through her extensive, multinational experience, Liz has developed a proven, dynamic and pragmatic leadership capability model, to deliver tailored solutions and genuine business performance improvement.

Liz personally leads all engagements and works closely with our clients to achieve agreed upon outcomes.

Liz’s experiential practicing of her philosophies led her to developing the ethos of .

Liz has 14 years’ experience serving on for-purpose and advisory boards as well as an industry council. Her passion for social inclusion has seen her contribute to the arts, disability, and suicide prevention sectors. She currently serves on the for-purpose board:

  • Accoras, a mental health services provider who promotes good mental health for all – Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Future and Nominations Committee.

Geoffrey (Geoff) Solomon

Country Head New Zealand & Pacific Islands Representative

Geoff Solomon’s successful career spans 40 years in investment banking, professional services, family companies and advisory sectors.

In addition to representing Pro Performance he currently mentors senior executives of a major Pacific Island bank and the Queensland Public Service, and advises several profressional service firms. Geoff has developed sound business governance structures, redefined CEO/General Manager roles, transitioned generational leadership and restructured organisations large and small.

His non-executive independent directorships have included a major superannuation fund and a large broadcasting/telco business. As a director he has led realigning and upgrading of investment strategy and governance of a major industry superannuation fund, and has reorganised the financial functions of a large business, including the development and implementation of new approaches to contract tendering, budgeting, costing and pricing.

Geoff’s alignment to the ethos of  is demonstrated in his role as an independent Director of a charitable Foundation.


Gabrielle Crawford

Administration Manager

Gabrielle Crawford is an enthusiastic and dedicated Administration Manager, Executive Assistant and IT Manager.

With her broad range of experience and innate perceptiveness, she is both passionate and professional in her interactions and her initiative.

Gabrielle’s values and drive are aligned with the ethos of Pro Performance and the philosophy of .

Gabrielle welcomes you to contact her with any queries at


Warren Tapp


Warren has been an experienced company director and corporate advisor for over 30 years. He has published books and lectured on corporate governance and advised Boards on improving their effectiveness. He is a Fellow of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

He has also consulted to businesses in a wide range of industries on increasing their revenue and profitability and increasing returns to shareholders and business owners. Warren takes a helicopter view of any business he works with and provides strategic recommendations on the key issues in a forthright manner that gets results.

Warren has worked with Liz Crawford for more than 20 years on a strategic alliance basis in assisting Pro Performance clients where he can add further value. See for further information on Warren Tapp.


Brian Donaldson


As Managing Director of Donaldson Consulting Group (DCG), Brian and his teams support senior executives in State Government agencies, FPs/NFPs and large Corporations. He was a registered psychologist for many years, and a Consulting Director at EY in Queensland, before establishing DCG. Brian has a B. Econ, Dip Psych and MBA and is a MAICD.

Brian works equally well with the “soft” issues (engagement, identity and language, mental models, informal networks, relationships and influence) as well as the “hard” issues (strategy, organisational design, business models, the systems-data interface, digital systems value and customer experience).  

A strong Project director, client relationship manager, coach and facilitator, Brian co-designs engagements with clients to help use client, partner and staff input. He supports large-scale organisational change, business model change, and the revision of business strategy and its implementation. 


Maribel Pegler


Maribel is the director/owner of Purple Run Consulting. She is an accomplished executive with over 30 years’ experience in the oil and gas industry, having worked with BP in Australia, UK, and US, and spanning roles in front line Operations, Business Development and Corporate.  

Enabling change and making an inspired difference to organizational culture, leadership, and projects underpins Maribel’s career success. She consults and coaches into business to build capabilities that deliver operational excellence, leadership frameworks, strategic outcomes and engaged employees. She has depth of experience in stakeholder relationships, strategic thinking, and risk management. 

Qualified as a chartered chemical engineer and a graduate of AICD, Maribel offers a unique blend of corporate, technical, financial, and human capability.  Maribel supports and challenges leaders and teams to ‘dare to be their best’.  


Gita Gopalan


Gita Gopalan is the Director/Owner of Hampton Kibel Research Pty Ltd (HKR). Following thirteen and a half years as a Senior Research Consultant for both global and local executive search firms, Gita now runs her own executive search research consultancy business, HKR, and executive search for executive search firms and corporations in Australia, New Zealand, the South Pacific, Europe, USA, South Africa and Asia.

HKR provides tailored executive search research and talent mapping services with a view to identify and attract the best talent globally.  HKR’s projects include identifying passive talent with a view to engaging and attracting the outstanding “future stars” necessary for succession planning.


November 2023:  The Australian Armwrestling Federation’s National Championships in Brisbane on 11 November was a thrilling event! Congratulations to all the medal winners across the various categories, and to all who competed and contributed to the success of this event. We are proud to have sponsored a sport that promotes inclusivity in so many ways.

April 2023:  Thanks to Magda Labuda and Art from the Margins for letting Pro Performance co-sponsor Magda’s recent second solo exhibition, ‘Night Walks’. The exhibition showcased 28 photographs of The River City (Brisbane/Meanjin), revealing its beauty at night. Having been involved in Magda’s first solo exhibition six years ago, it has been exciting to see her technique and talent evolve into the beautiful works shown at Night Walks. 26 of the works sold – congratulations Magda, on a very successful exhibition!

We support artists like Magda who are stepping up, as we see art as being part of the weft and warp of the fabric of society. At Pro Performance, the home of ,  we support our clients’ performance and leadership to help them create high social and economic impact. Our ethos of has developed from our belief that we all have a responsibility to ‘pay it forward’, within our capacity, to create a better society. We aim to lead by example.

March 2023: Pro Performance is now operating across Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific Islands.

Pro Performance is happy to announce that Geoffrey Solomon has just joined us as our Country Head New Zealand and Pacific Islands Representative. His appointment expands our coverage from Australia and Papua New Guinea, to New Zealand and the Pacific Islands. We welcome Geoffrey to the team and look forward to drawing on his substantial expertise and deep knowledge to now deliver our strategic leadership, high impact board services and our Prociprocity® ethos across Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

April 2021: A short extract of Liz’s contribution to the Women in Technology Be Board Ready virtual panel discussion on how the role of the board is evolving, the skills required and the role and opportunities for women in science and technology.


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Strategic leadership that delivers tangible commercial and social benefits